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It’s all about me!

I was born in the Dingle (L8) in Liverpool in the late 70’s moving across the city a few times while growing up – first to Aigburth (L17) to complete my high school education and then on to West Derby (L12) to complete my education studying for a HND and degree in Construction Management at Liverpool John Moore’s University. I have always wanted to ‘get into’ property at an early age, which is why I studied Construction.
I spent many hours talking about property with my colleagues at university, and how it would be great to set up a company and start investing in property when we finished university. However, once we had completed our degrees and secured employment, in the construction industry, my property investment dream was placed on the back burner.
When I left University I spent a short period on the Wirral, before meeting partner and purchasing a new build property in North Manchester in 2005. My career developed quickly and has since taken me all over the North West working on Construction and Civil  engineering projects working for a North West based company.
I started saving for a second property before I had a residential home with no set idea of what kind of property I wanted, but had the notion that once I had a substantial pot I could make a firm decision. However I had no real idea how much I needed to save in order to realise my plan.
As with life there are always other things to spend money on – such as a new car, a year out, marriage, holidays,  all of which put a dent into one’s savings. The biggest ‘dent’   was the arrival of my two children in 2008 and 2012, which, incidentally, are also my greatest achievements! Then the recession hit in 2008 and it didn’t seem like buying a second property was such a sound financial idea after all as the house we bought in 2005 had droped in value and still hasn't recovered to the original value that we paid it then? (2019)
In 2015/16 we unexpectedly inherited a property. After some deliberation, we decided to renovate the acquired house and moved into it, renting out our own. It was then that we became accidental landlords!
At this time I began to learn more about BTL mortgages, Tax, and property investment by listening to The Property Hub podcasts. I completed free courses and attended countless meetings and started to understand the cash returns that could be generated from property, and developed an understanding of the 18 year property cycle theory.
 I read a myriad  of books on different types of strategy to achieve a goal, and then realised that when I left university I actually didn’t have a goal. I never really knew how much I had to save or what type of property I wanted to invest in. I never had a strategy to get to that goal or a timeframe within which to achieve my goal –rendering it unrealistic.
The more I read about property, and the returns it could potentially provide, the more my belief intensified. Property investment  was the answer to getting out of the rat race and a path to financial freedom! 
I’m not there yet but with a clearly defined goal and strategy, I feel that it’s only a matter of time before I’ll get there. I have set up my own Ltd Company and have a handful of properties in Liverpool and a couple of properties in Manchester and will continue to save the funds to so that my goal can be realised.
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